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Abbey Looker is a local Artist and Creative Freelancer from Oakura who currently calls Berlin home. Fundamentally, her practice as an artist and work as a second-hand clothing curator is that of a collector. With an eye for the beauty in humble objects, she surfaces the exquisite in the ordinary. This first solo show sees a body of work of eight 35mm film prints. At a time of deeply unsettling unknown these images are the artists deep breaths. A refuge, moments to reside within. Finding relief in symmetry, simple beauty in the domestic time is transformed in the the tangible, a keepsake This work explores utilising photography as practice of gratitude and anchors to the present. All taken from her beachside home or within the wider New Plymouth region. Creating a body of work filled with clutching nostalgia for what is right in front of us
OPENS 10 APRIL / 2022